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Vital signs

A jolt to the vitals. LYNNE DESILVA JOHNSON, JUDITH GOLDMAN, and SARAH PINDER remind us of the essentialness of who we are and what keeps us here. Brimming.  knife | fork | book      

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The night, she just got bigger

JUST IN SURPRISE GUEST POET JUDITH GOLDMAN (agon, 2017 @the_OS_) joins LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON @OnlyWhatICan + SARAH PINDER @compasspoints TONIGHT! k | f | b Doors 6:30 Poetry 7ish#poetrydarlings #KFBFridays #wearsocks #crazygood #nottobemissed — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 24, 2017 JUDITH GOLDMAN is the author of agon (The Operating System, 2017), Vocoder (Roof, 2001), DeathStar/rico-chet (O […]

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B I G*

Very.  knife | fork | book see also:  *just got BIGGER

events KFBFridays poet poetry reading splendid

Forces collide

Every once in awhile, forces collide, like minds surge/ignite, sparks fly. Such was our experience meeting Brooklyn-based artist, poet, publisher, The Operating System‘s LYNNE DE-SILVA JOHNSON, who I simply refer to as “the Force.” To have but a vial of her energies, (but, you get that upon meeting). She’s a firebrand. She cares deeply about […]


Poet Warrior Princess

I’m her Poet Warrior Princess (and my pony’s name is Lavender). What can authors and publishers specifically do to support your bookstore, either locally or from a distance? It’s cheaper to order online. Cheaper. That’s all. It cheapens us all. Everyone knows I’m not getting monetarily rich selling poetry. But Toronto is much richer […]

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A day (and, what a day. Thanks, Lynne). That’s all she needed.  knife | fork | book Pictured: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson. Ruby. Group Huddle 7 at TOPOS Bookstore & Cafe: CAConrad. James G. Southcott. Omari Douglin. Rachel James. Tommy Pico. Not pictured: Parker Menzimer. Photos: KIRBY p.s. I love how poets are there for one another.

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Two presses

  * it IS possible. you have value. you have permission * | ** raging against the dying of the light ** LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON @OnlyWhatICan BROOKLYN. Home of two remarkable small presses we carry here at the shop, UGLY DUCKLING PRESSE and Lynne Desilva-Johnson’s THE OPERATING SYSTEM. Visits to both proved not only ‘inspired,’ but […]

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My favorite self-descriptor is still “reader.” And don’t you find “curator” is so overused these days that it almost demands air quotation marks. I see myself more as the old KoolAid pitcher who busts through the walls championing poets and poetry. (“O YEAH!!!”). knife fork book‘s JEFF KIRBY interviewed by LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON of The Operating […]