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  LIT LIVE HAMILTON last night was indeed live, with a stellar line-up of poets, GARY BARWIN, BEN ROBINSON, CORNELIA HOOGLAND, DAVID PETER CLARK, (along with DANILA BOTHA and DANIEL COLEMAN, not pictured) at THE STAIRCASE (a haven). Seeing March’s slate, we may have to return.  knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY

events poet poetry reading splendid

Starry, starry night

CHRIS BANKS  CORNELIA HOOGLAND  JIM JOHNSTONE  SHANE NEILSON  O night divine. knife | fork | book THANKS TO JOSEPH & LEO at ORBITAL ARTS GALLERY for hosting and to all the poets and readers who came. Photos: KIRBY

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.@chadicampbell's insightful review of Jim Johnstone's new poetry collection 'The Chemical Life' in @mancreview: " we glimpse … the slow crash and delayed impact of addiction and mental illness." — Vehicule Press (@VehiculePress) November 20, 2017 Poet, ambassador of poetry, and dear friend. Look forward to hearing you this evening. @itsakirby December 7, […]

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B I G*

Very.  knife | fork | book see also:  *just got BIGGER