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A day (and, what a day. Thanks, Lynne). That’s all she needed.  knife | fork | book Pictured: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson. Ruby. Group Huddle 7 at TOPOS Bookstore & Cafe: CAConrad. James G. Southcott. Omari Douglin. Rachel James. Tommy Pico. Not pictured: Parker Menzimer. Photos: KIRBY p.s. I love how poets are there for one another.

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Group Huddle at TOPOS

A sparkling occasion from start to finish, host PARKER MENZIMER‘s GROUP HUDDLE Reading Series at TOPOS BOOKSTORE & CAFE this past Wednesday included an exquisitely hand-folded chapbook of the evening’s readers gifted to all in attendence. Such a pleasure to share the stage with poets DAVID BRADFORD and ANDREW DURBIN (who treated us with an excerpt […]

chapbooks events poetry reading splendid spring


She’s bringing her onesie. KFB poets DAVID BRADFORD (Call Out) and Jeff KIRBY (She’s Having a Doris Day) join Wonder Press phenom ANDREW DURBIN (Mature Themes) for GROUP HUDDLE VI hosted by PARKER MENZIMER at TOPOS BOOKSTORE CAFE QUEENS NYC MAY 10TH 7PM