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Fireflies + snowflakes

I always tell my students that a good poem is an act of discovery—and for that discovery to be emotionally and intellectually honest, then you need to surprise yourself, you need to live in that space of uncertainty—this is part of negative capability, part of duende, part of what Emily Jungmin Yoon describes as poetry’s […]

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“more fluid, less (f)rigid”

Q: With two full-length collections (including your forthcoming Gordon Hill Press title) as well as a chapbook [UNSEEN GARDEN, knife fork book, 2018] under your belt, how do you feel your work has developed? Where do you see your work headed? BENNETT: I think it’s developed less concern with being ‘correct’: are all the commas […]

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“I really think they should read my books.”

“How to break rules … Poetry is about surprise. Every time you write a line, you want to subvert it…” JERICHO BROWN KATE KELLAWAY. Jericho Brown: ‘Poetry is a veil in front of a heart beating at a fast pace’ The Guardian 28 July 2018 There is much goodness packed into this little interview. I’m […]

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“One of the top must-read venues for poets.”

Here’s the real ‘deal.’ We’re a poetry-only bookshop with one of the most vibrant reading schedules on the face of the earth. In Toronto. You can’t get that online. We’re worth the actual retail cost of a book. And a little more. …now known as an angelic upstart from coast to coast in Canada…knife | […]

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A whirlwind

“Kirby, would you come in January?”* Okay, she fell in love with this place. A warm, welcoming evening at TREE READING SERIES (Ottawa) with PEARL PIRIE hosting a full house at BLACK SQUIRREL BOOKS & ESPRESSO BAR (a haven) with featured poets MARGO LAPIERRE  (Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes, Guernica Editions, 2017) & KIRBY (She’s Having a […]

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“Poetry is what we serve.”

Poetry is an event. Poetry read aloud is a vital, courageous, extraordinary act. It’s my refresh button. Sustenance. What keeps us here. Pockets of vibrant, responsive, living communities in support of one another. Challenging, raising the bar. Hearing what we haven’t, repeatedly the same, repeatedly new. To etch out identities and form. Find resonance and […]

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Poetry heaven

We took a trip to poetry heaven @knifeforkbook, & talked w/ owner @itsakirby abt its (& his!) unstoppable momentum. — All Lit Up (@alllitupcanada) October 4, 2017 Thank you Lauren Perruzza, and the terrific crew at All Lit Up.

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‘Can you tell me about KFB?’

I remember stopping in one Friday this past March feeling rundown and fed up with this city and Kirby was all smiles, and then Ralph Kolewe, a great poet, dropped in, and then Kate Sutherland, another great poet, dropped in, and we all sat in the sun together, looking at poetry, talking. And I instantly […]

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“The book is the meal.”

Jeff Kirby (known as just “Kirby” to most) is seated at a small table in Rick’s Cafe. The long-running Kensington Market coffee shop is nestled on Augusta, close to Big Fat Burrito on one side and El Trompo Tacos on the other.  Kirby is gesturing to a beautifully-organized series of display shelves at the front […]

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My favorite self-descriptor is still “reader.” And don’t you find “curator” is so overused these days that it almost demands air quotation marks. I see myself more as the old KoolAid pitcher who busts through the walls championing poets and poetry. (“O YEAH!!!”). knife fork book‘s JEFF KIRBY interviewed by LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON of The Operating […]