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23 Reasons We Love to East

Cassidy. Annick. Michael. Matthew. Jennifer. Victoria. Ayaz. Tolu. Dale. Jim. Zane. Shane. Triny. Andrea. Anna. Chapbooks. Ephemera. Bardia. (Beside Bardia.) Margaret. Katya. Great Escape. Deck. Garden. Shed. Reading hammock. Readers welcome. Come. Browse. Shop. Find. Enjoy. The Great Escape Book Store. 957 Kingston Rd. Home of KFB EAST. & FERTILE FESTIVAL OF NEW & INVENTIVE […]

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How beautiful can a day be?

[Finally] The first of our new Living Room Series, featuring ALEXANDRA OLIVER, SADIQA DE MEIJER & KIRBY. A lovely day. Thanks to Katya at The Great Escape Book Store & League of Canadian Poets for their support of this series.

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How Beautiful People Are

At the party I’d like to be a person of interest / but will end up a person of colour – AYAZ PIRANI, “POC RSVP” Poets, readers, and listeners who graced our space yesterday at the Gordon Hill Press Showcase KFB EAST at The Great Escape Book Store, were rewarded/met in kind. The beauty of […]

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Come. Ruin yourself.

“Whatever girl dares to read just one page is a lost girl / but she can’t blame it on this book / she was already ruined – LISA ROBERTSON, Boat (Coach House Books). Come. Ruin yourself. KFB EAST at The Great Escape Book Store 957 Kingston Rd Tues-Sun 10-5 KFB WEST at Capital Espresso 1349 […]

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JIM JOHNSTONE & SHANE NEILSON LAUNCH LIVE at KFB WEST Our “poetry month” officially started this past Sunday with these two titans launching their newest, live at KFB WEST. Congrats Jim & Shane, to publishers, Vehicule & Goose Lane, & all braved the cold to celebrate, with special thanks to Emily and Alex at our […]

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[Very] Pretty Sunday

KATE SIKLOSI & ERIC SCHMALTZ celebrate the launch of their glorious Timglaset releases at KFB WEST this first day of Spring. Thanks to Alex & Emily at Capitol Espresso and all who attended. NEXT: 27 MARCH 3PM KFB WEST JIM JOHNSTONE + SHANE NEILSON | 08-24 APRIL KFB EAST JESSICA HIEMSTRA: THE THINKING HEART

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Rain, the lake, the day [light flurries] the poetry

Poets JAMES LINDSAY & MARK TRUSCOTT launch their KFB chapbook/pamphlet — each read in their entirety — at our first live event of 2022. Thanks to all who celebrated in attendance. MARK TRUSCOTT RAIN & JAMES LINDSAY THE LAKE OUT NOW KFB EAST at The Great Escape Bookstore 957 Kingston Rd KFB WEST at Capital […]

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“Nguyen’s work is a poetics insistent on fragmentation and rupture as a mode of thinking and being in the world–one where, paradoxically, the very notion of fragmentation is, in itself, a whole. Her poems remind us that meaning, as we understand it, does not have to adhere to standard conventions of syntax–thereby faithfully echoing the […]

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The Living Room Series


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“as if anything can be certain again”

JENNY BERKEL Grease Dogs ARLEEN PARÉ Last ALYCIA PIRMOHAMED & PRATYUSHA Second Memory Karen, thanks for reminding me of this certainty… the beauty of the book in hand. Baseline Press