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Poet Warrior Princess

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I’m her Poet Warrior Princess (and my pony’s name is Lavender).

What can authors and publishers specifically do to support your bookstore, either locally or from a distance?

It’s cheaper to order online. Cheaper. That’s all. It cheapens us all.

Everyone knows I’m not getting monetarily rich selling poetry. But Toronto is much richer with KFB being here. So, go ahead, be cheap, as we all must once and awhile. But, keep us on your radar and donate, buy poetry, from here. Reap the benefits.

BOOKSTORES WE LOVE: TORONTO; KNIFE | FORK | BOOK An interview with (Jeff) Kirby. LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON, The Operating System, Brooklyn.

Two presses


* it IS possible. you have value. you have permission * | ** raging against the dying of the light ** LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON @OnlyWhatICan

BROOKLYN. Home of two remarkable small presses we carry here at the shop, UGLY DUCKLING PRESSE and Lynne Desilva-Johnson’s THE OPERATING SYSTEM. Visits to both proved not only ‘inspired,’ but revelatory. Thanks to Anna Moschovakis, Dan and the talented team at UDP and to Lynne and Ruby for their kindnesses and the tireless, creative, radically beautiful work they produce.

Photos: KIRBY

Group Huddle at TOPOS


A sparkling occasion from start to finish, host PARKER MENZIMER‘s GROUP HUDDLE Reading Series at TOPOS BOOKSTORE & CAFE this past Wednesday included an exquisitely hand-folded chapbook of the evening’s readers gifted to all in attendence. Such a pleasure to share the stage with poets DAVID BRADFORD and ANDREW DURBIN (who treated us with an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released MacArthur Park). Thanks to Parker and Anny from TOPOS (a haven in Ridgewood) for the delights. (Also pictured: Spoonbill)
Photos: KIRBY


Full circle

Hoa and I met in the washroom at a CAConrad workshop four or five years ago. When we opened the shop, she asked if there was anything special I wanted to see happen, and I said for my 58th birthday, I’d like to launch a new chapbook and read with CA. Here we are. KIRBY

CACONRAD + JEFF KIRBY at the launch of Kirby’s She’s Having a Doris Day, hosted by HOA NGUYEN.  knife | fork | book

Photos: JANETTE WOODROW (b/w) and DON PYLE (colour) Thank you.

KFB announces new imprint


We’re proud to announce our new k|f|b imprint with the upcoming release of four poetry chapbooks: ELIANNA LEV Sex Made Me, DAVID BRADFORD Call Out,  JEFF KIRBY She’s Having a Doris Day (out Apr 27), and new work by JONATHAN GARFINKEL. 

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