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Vital signs

A jolt to the vitals. LYNNE DESILVA JOHNSON, JUDITH GOLDMAN, and SARAH PINDER remind us of the essentialness of who we are and what keeps us here. Brimming.  knife | fork | book      

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The night, she just got bigger

JUST IN SURPRISE GUEST POET JUDITH GOLDMAN (agon, 2017 @the_OS_) joins LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON @OnlyWhatICan + SARAH PINDER @compasspoints TONIGHT! k | f | b Doors 6:30 Poetry 7ish#poetrydarlings #KFBFridays #wearsocks #crazygood #nottobemissed — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 24, 2017 JUDITH GOLDMAN is the author of agon (The Operating System, 2017), Vocoder (Roof, 2001), DeathStar/rico-chet (O […]