Poet Warrior Princess

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I’m her Poet Warrior Princess (and my pony’s name is Lavender).

What can authors and publishers specifically do to support your bookstore, either locally or from a distance?

It’s cheaper to order online. Cheaper. That’s all. It cheapens us all.

Everyone knows I’m not getting monetarily rich selling poetry. But Toronto is much richer with KFB being here. So, go ahead, be cheap, as we all must once and awhile. But, keep us on your radar and donate, buy poetry, from here. Reap the benefits.

BOOKSTORES WE LOVE: TORONTO; KNIFE | FORK | BOOK An interview with (Jeff) Kirby. LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON, The Operating System, Brooklyn.

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[…] is the only way we can describe the sizzling summer issue of ARC POETRY MAGAZINE with it’s magnificent cover/portfolio of ANDREW MONCRIEF, new work by KFB familiars LISE GASTON, MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS, JIM JOHNSTONE, AARON KREUTER, BEN LADOUCEUR, CASSIDY MCFADZEAN, SHANE NEILSON, PHILLIP CRYMBLE, and a fucking brilliant turn by FAN WU (pictured above). Sweat and devour. – KIRBY […]


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