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from I Can Focus If I Try the new full-length KFB collection by Michael Flatt

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squares. Fuck conformity, / the fear of being weird and free “I toss every laurel, prize, bouquet, coin, belly laughs and cries at their feet, the flames of these poet’s hearts & tongues, lick, lash, lacerate, love… saturate my pores. Every page, every poem, every phrase/line to be revisited again, again. Not only on the […]

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Over the years, KFB has held a long, storied. passionate relationship with CACONRAD and WAVE BOOKS that continues with their return to TORONTO, SATURDAY MAY 6TH 7PM at the SPADINA THEATRE to celebrate by reading The Book of Frank in it’s entirety on the 30th Anniversary of its appearance. Called ‘a contemporary masterpiece’ by Thurston […]

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“write the unwritten” 

At the same time, I started to wonder: What would future sentences look like and what would they do in a present that precedes their use or, at least, precedes the places to which they point? These are descriptions for future sentences, however the plans for those sentences (i.e., their actual futures) are still the drawings. RENEE […]

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KIRBY Behold

Originally posted on KIRBY:
“How is it you and I are both still alive?” KIRBY Behold Six intimate workshop performances to benefit knife | fork | book OPENING NIGHT GALA FRIDAY JANUARY 20 7PMPerformances: January 21, 22, 23, 30 Feb 6 7pm An audience of ten per performance in a downtown Toronto living room setting.…

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Falling in KFB

New PAOLA FERRANTE DALE MARTIN SMITH MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS & Introducing LANNII LAYKE Fall 2022. Classic KFB. Order yours TODAY. Layout design R. KOLEWE Covers KIRBY Printed by JOHN de JESUS at Coach House, Toronto KFB FALL 2022 LAUNCH 27 November at REMOTE GALLERY 568 Richmond St W

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Fresh sheets

CAMERON ANSTEE SHEETS KFB LAUNCH w/JO IANNI at REMOTE GALLERY, TORONTO The poets came, (it was a KFB event after all, our final as a bookseller) and one, Aaron Tucker, said it best: “I didn’t expect the launch yesterday to be so emotionally resonate, but the work is so spare and resounding that the affect […]

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But also visits talk stories laughter

October 4, 2022 I went for a walk with Maureen Scott Harris … it is as if we spend our lives finding clues, fragments, shards, leading or misleading details, chipped tablets written over in a forgotten language. Perhaps they are a counting of cattle, a measuring out of grain. Perhaps they are a praising of […]

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Grand closing

For some time now, I’ve carried a deep affinity, admiration, affection for Cameron Anstee and Jo Ianni, both for their poetic loves/aspirations, writings, their penchant towards the ‘elegant,’ their passionate regard for the field. Cameron’s Book of Annotations (Invisible, 2018) and subsequent [KFB Fertile Select] chapbooks Lines & Baseline Variations (St. Andrews, 2021) are cherished […]

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Such times

You need a best friend in poetry to survive. – Henri Cole Poets Arleen Paré with Maureen Hynes and the love of good poetry amongst friends. An unforgettable evening, called into being. Grand. Thanks to Gaspereau Press, Annick MacAskill, the League of Canadian Poets, Katya at The Great Escape Book Store and all who held […]