One of several delightful encounters this year, ANDREW MCEWAN’S If Pressed (BookThug, 2017) More Kirby’s Picks for 2017 out next week. knife | fork | book
Pictured: An excerpt from the poem, ‘Review’ in ANDREW MCEWAN’s If Pressed (BookThug, 2017)

Tidal wave

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Toronto. Kensington Market. Saturday night. Not a bar. No liquor sales. Full house. 7:30PM Lights dim. Poetry.
Pink perfect.
Four fresh powerhouses. PAMELA DUNGAO. MIGUEL LEANDRO GAMBOA. TARA-MICHELLE ZINIUK. And the poet in pink ballcap and pleather.
Last night’s Toronto launch of THE TIDE (Rahila’s Ghost Press, 2017), JAKE BYRNE is deserving of every accolade tossed his way, and more. It’s rare to witness the ‘beginnings’ of a major new talent. Such brilliance, such direct flame. Bearing awe.
I was asked earlier this week, “Why am I doing [any of] this?” and, of the numerous reasons, I used to have to travel (at times still do) for nights like these. Now, here.
Thanks poets, friends, family, lovers of poets/poetry. The entire evening, magic. I will never forget.
Photos: KIRBY