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did your father

KES did your father Based on the poem “Flow Chart” from JENNIFER LOVEGROVE The Tinder Sonnets knife | fork | book 2021. Vocals by the author. released December 14, 2021

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How pretty?

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NYB no 2

What do I mean by queer?* Resilient. Tenacious. Creative. Out there. Joyous. Playful. Catty. Fun. Non-conforming. Fleshy. SparklePony. Baton-twirling. Activist. Sick of rainbows. Pride. Butch. Kween. Friend of Dorothy. Pro-sexual. Unrankled. Big fan of pretty. Plays well in the dark. Reads. Can bend when willing. Loves Mom. Cher. Pink. Warriors. Dancers. Anything flamboyant. Flies in […]

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Here we are.

KFB exists because poets do. “POWERED BY POETS.” You, dear poets, readers of poetry, lovers of the book, are what keeps us here. Like you, we continue to re-imagine/find/create new ways to maneuver with/through these days of disquiet and uncertainty. Your ongoing support (through kindnesses, words of encouragement, and subscribing, online sales, patreon/membership) has made […]

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The pleasure of the text

The definitive survey of an essential feminist poet. AVANT DESIRE A NICOLE BROSSARD READER Edited by SINA QUEYRAS, GENEVIEVE ROBICHAUD, and ERIN WUNKER from COACH HOUSE BOOKS PURCHASE >>> Be sure to attend Coach House’s [Virtual] WAYZGOOSE 2020 SEPT 3RD!

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Fireflies + snowflakes

I always tell my students that a good poem is an act of discovery—and for that discovery to be emotionally and intellectually honest, then you need to surprise yourself, you need to live in that space of uncertainty—this is part of negative capability, part of duende, part of what Emily Jungmin Yoon describes as poetry’s […]

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The True Names of Birds. Undone. Outskirts. Ocean. The Brief Reincarnation of a Girl. Penelope. So many readers, poets, students of award-winning poet, SUE GOYETTE endear her with the title “Master of the Metaphor.” I’ve been an admirer for years now, and it’s a grand delight to finally welcome her here at KFB Wednesday night. […]



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KFB | KFB FRIDAYS JAY MillAr I Could Have Pretended to Be Better Than You (Anvil Press) w/ R. KOLEWE KATE SUTHERLAND SHANNON BRAMER JENNIFER LOVEGROVE SEASON OPENER FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH DOORS 630 POETRY 7 Jay MillAr is the author of several books, including Timely Irreverence, Mycological Studies, the small blue, esp: accumulation sonnets and Other Poems. […]