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Forces collide

Every once in awhile, forces collide, like minds surge/ignite, sparks fly. Such was our experience meeting Brooklyn-based artist, poet, publisher, The Operating System‘s LYNNE DE-SILVA JOHNSON, who I simply refer to as “the Force.” To have but a vial of her energies, (but, you get that upon meeting). She’s a firebrand. She cares deeply about her craft and building community. And, you want her on your side. KFB will be publishing her new chapbook, Sweet and Low, next year as well as collaborating on other projects. And, she has invited her good friend, poet SARAH PINDER (COMMON PLACE Coach House Books, 2017) to read with her. There will be a brief ‘Craft Chat’ between Lynne and Kirby following the reading.




knife | fork | book at The Dark Side Studio, 244 Augusta Avenue, Second Floor (walk-up above Bunner’s Bakery)

Doors 6:30 Poetry 7-ish
SARAH PINDER is the author of Cutting Room (Coach House Books, 2012) and Common Place (Coach House Books, 2017). Her writing has been shortlisted for the Expozine Small Press Awards, and included in magazines like Geist, Arc and Poetry is Dead. A long time zine-maker, you can also find her work in Montreal’s Distroboto art vending machines. She lives in Toronto, Canada.
LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON is a nonbinary queer artist, cultural scholar, and educator, striving to make, facilitate, document, and archive radical, experimental work and process material across genres. In 2012 she founded the arts organization and press, The Operating System, with this mission. Through her work with the OS to date, Lynne has facilitated the design and publication of nearly 50 volumes, curated and hosted over a hundred events, built a vibrant online platform for creative conversation, and nurtured into being a widereaching network of makers and activists that spans disciplinary and geographic boundaries. Lynne is the author of GROUND, blood atlasOverview Effect, and In Memory of Feasible Grace, and co-author of A GUN SHOW with Adam Sliwinski. She is co-editor of the anthologies RESIST MUCH, OBEY LITTLE: Inaugural Poems for the Resistance, and In Corpore Sano: Creative Practice and the Challenged Body. Lynne is a visiting assistant professor at Pratt, Libraries Editor at Boog City, and a maker of zines and art books. She performs and publishes widely.

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