Wicked fun

lynn crosbie

janet poseronnies

You didn’t have to kill her for that phone.

To be privy to hear these two tag team as “Bonnie & Clyde” in their wicked new collaborative work, (not your fireside chat). ROBERT SIEK (WE GO SEASONAL) & LYNN CROSBIE last night.  knife | fork | book


Thanks Steph – Kb

Poets Night Out



There is nothing quite like an Anstruther Press launch to bring everybody out (even on the bleakest of days/nights). Congrats to poets ANDREW BROOKS JM FRANCHETEAU DAVID GROULX EMILY OSBOURNE and to the kickass team at Anstruther, Jim, Erica, Ally, Katie, Shane (and to Amy LeBlanc and John Barton, not pictured). Find their lovely chapbooks here.  knife | fork | book