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Tuesdays (and every day) are for poets.  knife | fork | book

Pictured: Socks. Poets, Torben Robertson, Richard Keith , and Susan Alexander  (on Torben’s 25th). Poet Khashayar Mohammadi. The shop late afternoon. Bookselling at poet, Anne Michaels, reading from her latest, All We Saw (McClelland & Stewart) at the Heliconian Club Salon Series. Kirby and Anne. Tomorrow by Mark Strand.
Photos: KIRBY

“It just makes me happy!”

September read 3/16, and 87/103 in my #readin2017 queue: Jonathan Garfinkel – Bociany (Storks). Purchased during the @knifeforkbook customer appreciation sale! Close-up of #poetry shelf 2 (Bi to La). Also of note: this is the fifth consecutive read/review featuring writers with a first name beginning with "J!" Not at all intentional, but pretty neat, right? This is the second @knifeforkbook chapbook I've read so far (and the fact that there are delicious fall releases I have yet to pick up is ITCHING my BRAIN, but that's beside the point), and I have to say, I really enjoy the way "Bociany (Storks)" presents a complementary aesthetic to @itsakirby's "She's Having A Doris Day." It just makes me happy! Shoutout to @itsakirby for the cover, and Norman Nemetallah for the book design, which is lovely overall. And now a few notes on the text! These poems were startling and engrossing; rich with scene and image and story and violence. The titular poem had me seeking out the referenced artist and artwork – a rewarding exercise itself! – and left me quietly amazed by its shifting execution. Possibly my favourite in the book? But I've marked too many to be able to say for sure. #books #rasiqrasreviews #jonathangarfinkel #bocianystorks #toronto #knifeforkbook #booklove #personallibrary #shelfie #augustreads #literarylatergram #inspiration #amwriting #research #fuckyeah #luvyourlife #shelflife #readallthebooks #customerappreciationsale #canadianpoetry #shoplocal #chapbook #rasiqrarecommends #bookdesign #jeffkirby #normannehmetallah #jozefchelmonski

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Us, too! Thanks, Rasiqra. *kisses*  knife | fork | book

JONATHAN GARFINKEL BOCIANY (STORKS) First Printing SOLD OUT. Available soon as an e-book at k | f | b  shop. JEFF KIRBY SHE’S HAVING A DORIS DAY has legs. Find her, along with our latest chapbooks, online and at the shop.

“Poetry is what we serve.”


Poetry is an event. Poetry read aloud is a vital, courageous, extraordinary act. It’s my refresh button. Sustenance. What keeps us here. Pockets of vibrant, responsive, living communities in support of one another. Challenging, raising the bar. Hearing what we haven’t, repeatedly the same, repeatedly new. To etch out identities and form. Find resonance and dischord. Celebrate differences. Exercise clean anger. Get messy. Weep with those who weep. Rejoice with those who rejoice.

k | f | b is the setting, the stage, where that occurs several times weekly. If poetry doesn’t move, what good is it?

And poets seek to read here, because, where there’s movement, it’s a happening.

KIRBY Field Trip: knife | fork | book in Toronto’s Kensington Market October 3, 2017, All Lit Up.

Photo: ROBERT FREDE KENTER, Beautiful Outlaw Press Launch 30 September 2017, k | f | b

Blusty & Doris

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Poet Warrior Princess

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I’m her Poet Warrior Princess (and my pony’s name is Lavender).

What can authors and publishers specifically do to support your bookstore, either locally or from a distance?

It’s cheaper to order online. Cheaper. That’s all. It cheapens us all.

Everyone knows I’m not getting monetarily rich selling poetry. But Toronto is much richer with KFB being here. So, go ahead, be cheap, as we all must once and awhile. But, keep us on your radar and donate, buy poetry, from here. Reap the benefits.

BOOKSTORES WE LOVE: TORONTO; KNIFE | FORK | BOOK An interview with (Jeff) Kirby. LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON, The Operating System, Brooklyn.


A day (and, what a day. Thanks, Lynne). That’s all she needed.  knife | fork | book

Pictured: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson. Ruby. Group Huddle 7 at TOPOS Bookstore & Cafe: CAConrad. James G. Southcott. Omari Douglin. Rachel James. Tommy Pico. Not pictured: Parker Menzimer.
Photos: KIRBY
p.s. I love how poets are there for one another.