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The affair

The love in this room. Poets celebrate poet RUTH ROACH PIERSON this Friday past. A grand affair. knife | fork | book

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Colleagues/poets JIM NASON and MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS at knife | fork | book last night. Photos: KIRBY

books canadian events poet poetry reading splendid

“olly olly oxen free”

THIS WEEK | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS AARON KREUTER  +  JIM NASON knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish

books canadian events poet poetry reading splendid

“Tonight, like no other…”

  Stew, my paddling companion, coughs, says: “I didn’t think I’d miss the insects as much as the potable water, the blue sky, green.”* A breeze makes me glad to be in my body.**   THURSDAY NIGHT POETS AARON KREUTER Arguments for Lawn Chairs JIM NASON Touch Anywhere to Begin FEBRUARY 2ND Doors 6:30PM  Poetry […]

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Get some

“In Jim Nason‘s fifth collection of poetry, Touch Anywhere to Begin (Signature Editions, 2016), poems are set in a physical world where full-throttle desire commingles with love, loss and grief. Although death is ever present — death of a father, death of a friend — there is a life-affirming/mystical quality at the core of the […]

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On the highwire

A few of our favourite titles/poets from Tightrope Books, including their signature, THE BEST CANADIAN POETRY 2016 (in English) series*,  EMILY POHL-WEARY‘s Ghost Sick (recently shortlisted for the Fred Cogswell Award), and ROXANNA BENNETT’s The Uncertainty Principle, reading here, NOVEMBER 3RD (with KILBY SMITH-MCGREGOR). *Launching at IFOA HARBOURFRONT, November 30th.

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Full Throttle Vulnerability

Originally posted on What Queer Reading:
? “I’ve stopped holding back.” ? Poet JIM NASON‘s fifth collection, Touch Anywhere To Begin (Signature Editions, 2016), is hot. Not ‘trying to be hot’ on steroids, not ‘porn-talk.’ Hot. Real hot. A heat that only comes with a certain degree of risk, the unspoken communication between lovers pushing boundaries,…

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Thursdays in October

    October 6th | MARNIE WOODROW  October 13th | THE POWER OF PORTRAITURE October 20th  December 15th |  JIM NASON  October 27th | HOA NGUYEN    OPENING NIGHT: 10/6 – 2016 Toronto Book Award Finalist and Goldie Award winning novelist MARNIE WOODROW reads from her early collection of shorts, In the Spice House, set in […]