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But also visits talk stories laughter

October 4, 2022 I went for a walk with Maureen Scott Harris … it is as if we spend our lives finding clues, fragments, shards, leading or misleading details, chipped tablets written over in a forgotten language. Perhaps they are a counting of cattle, a measuring out of grain. Perhaps they are a praising of […]

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The affair

The love in this room. Poets celebrate poet RUTH ROACH PIERSON this Friday past. A grand affair. knife | fork | book

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Another night

  like no other. The pleasure of good company. Poets LISA RICHTER. JENNIFER LOVEGROVE. MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS  knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY  

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Enter May

THIS WEEK | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS + JENNIFER LOVEGROVE + LISA RICHTER MAY 4TH knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish Toronto poet and essayist MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS has published three collections of poetry: A Possible Landscape (Brick Books, 1993), Drowning Lessons (Pedlar Press, 2004), […]

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Colleagues/poets JIM NASON and MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS at knife | fork | book last night. Photos: KIRBY

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Iconic days

“How’s things going, Kirby?” “I’m pretty blissed-out most days.” Poets STUART ROSS and MAUREEN SCOTT HARRIS visit knife | fork | book on the same day. (“What blizzard?”) Photos: KIRBY