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The affair

The love in this room. Poets celebrate poet RUTH ROACH PIERSON this Friday past. A grand affair. knife | fork | book

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  I marvel at that stranger, so confident of body, of future. RUTH ROACH PIERSON from REALIGNMENT (Palimpsest Press) THIS WEEK | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS RUTH ROACH PIERSON SUE CHENETTE JACLYN PIUDIK MAY 25TH knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish SUE CHENETTE, classical […]

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NEW! Poet’s Picks

  POET’S PICKS | LAURA K McRAE SUE CHENETTE* Slender Human Weight (Guernica Editions) ROO BORSON Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida (McClelland & Stewart) ROBIN ROBERTSON Swithering (Anansi) HOA NGUYEN Violet Energy Ingots (Wave Books) Poet LAURA KATHRYN McRAE (Distributaries, Frog Hollow Press) visited the shop yesterday to drop off some beautiful books (including a fine edition […]