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There is so much I can say about/in this poem—loss, memory, desire, grief, the struggle—every once in awhile, usually one in each collection, I come up with a good, signature “protest poem” my queer activist, liberationist intact. I place protest poem here in quotes, because they also tend to be elegies (a statement in and […]

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On this, the last evening of Filipino Heritage Month 2020, SHIRLEY CAMIA graces us with her new short, NOVENA. Poet/Director SHIRLEY CAMIA on NOVENA: This short film, inspired by videos created by Filipinx artists of the diaspora who integrate their cultural heritage into their work, transforms one of my written poems into a multimedia artistic […]

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“Love letter to poets”

THIS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14 JESSICA HIEMSTRA’s beloved DesignTO Festival installation (and love-letter to poets), The Sky is Falling, is coming down.  Jessica will be on site at Knife Fork Book, Canada’s only ALL POETRY bookstore, 11AM-6PM, removing the watercolour sky, piece by piece. Fragments of the sky will be on sale for $25-$85; Jessica will […]

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The proximity of sky

“THE BEST EVENTS at DesignTO 2020” – NOW MAGAZINE JESSICA HIEMSTRA The Sky is Falling – DesignTO 2020 Visual artist, designer and poet Jessica Hiemstra creates an abstracted paper sky on the ceiling of Canada’s only all-poetry bookstore, Knife Fork Book. Using watercolour paper, thread and washes of hand-made Genzah watercolour paint, Hiemstra’s sky is […]

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Come, bathe in these skies

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“Let there be light

and light appeared.” There are few people I laugh from my belly with more than Jessica Hiemstra. I’ve always said, “when my belly is here, I’m here.” For way too many of us, ‘here’ is neither easy nor welcoming. It is in fact desperate, a step away from joblessness, homelessness, lost/loss, indebtedness, illness/disease, discomfort, unwantedness, […]

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Approaching Skies

KFB Poetry Lab & DesignTO presents JESSICA HIEMSTRA THE SKY IS FALLING 17-26 JANUARY k | f | b MEZZANINE Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street

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GARY BARWIN The Virgin Kirby GARY BARWIN For It Is a Pleasure and a Surprise to Breathe: New and Selected Poems Edited by Alessandro Porco (Wolsak & Wynn) OCTOBER 2019 And find Gary in the PREMIERE ISSUE of KFB’s NOT YOUR BEST Edited by ERIC SCHMALTZ

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Issue No. 1

This is good-good. knife | fork | book

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and then this happened

A dear friend recently asked, “How do you send love?” PRASHANT MIRANDA The “Prash Rainbow” This artist’s love. Such beauty. Joy. I am forever changed. Prash, thank you. This reached me today in ways I didn’t even realize were necessary. Love breaks through. Yours, I remain, Kirby