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“Tonight, like no other…”


Stew, my paddling companion, coughs, says:
“I didn’t think I’d miss the insects
as much as the potable water,
the blue sky, green.”*
A breeze makes me glad to be in my body.**



Arguments for Lawn Chairs

Touch Anywhere to Begin


Doors 6:30PM  Poetry 7-ish

knife | fork | book @ Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market

Aaron Kreuter is a writer of fiction and poetry. His first collection of poetry, Arguments For Lawn Chairs, is out now from Guernica Editions. You and Me, Belonging, a collection of short fiction, is forthcoming from Tightrope Books.
Jim Nason is the author of four previous collections of poetry, most recently, Music Garden.  He has also published two novels, The Housekeeping Journals and I Thought I Would Be Happy, as well as a collection of short fiction, The Girl on the Escalator.  His award-winning poems, essays and stories have been published in literary journals across the United States and Canada, including The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2008, 2010, and 2014.  He has been a finalist for the CBC Literary Award in both fiction and poetry categories.  Jim was born in Montreal and has lived in Calgary, Vancouver, and Syracuse.  He has degrees from York, Ryerson, and McGill Universities and presently lives in Toronto where he writes and teaches.  He is the owner and publisher of Tightrope Books.
Photos: KIRBY
*AARON KRUETER from Paddling the Nickel Tailings Near Sudbury **JIM NASON Touch Anywhere to Begin p.75



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