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“Remember, Body… Body, remember”

Wednesday night, Cavafians, we return, "lost, to the same fatal pleasure," reading @EvanPJones @anstrutherpress "The Drawing, the Ship, the Afternoon" KIRBY @itsakirby READING CAVAFY: The Poet of Longing #cavafy — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) February 4, 2019

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“alone in my home, I am drunk again.”

BEGINS ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT KIRBY READING CAVAFY: THE POET OF LONGING #KFBPoetryLab #poetry #reading #group trans. Keeley/Sherrard — KIRBY (@itsakirby) January 9, 2019

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Their beginning

“Tomorrow, the day after, or through the years he’ll write powerful lines, that here was their beginning.” KFB POETRY LAB | BEGINS JAN 16 I’m often asked what bought me to poetry. It opened the door of my closet. O’Hara. Ginsberg. Genet. Lorde. Ashbery. Schuyler. Baldwin. Tenn. Giorno. Cole. Rich. Jordan. Clifton. Gunn. Hemphill. Cooper. […]

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“My words clear the ground.”

“I know that I am cowardly and am unable to act. Therefore I confine myself to words. But I do not think my words are needless. Someone else will act. But my many words—the words of a coward—will facilitate their deed. My words clear the ground.” – C.P. Cavafy, October 1902. — C.P. Cavafy […]

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W is for Writers

UPCOMING | THURSDAY NIGHT POETS KELLEY AITKEN | NANCY VIVA DAVIS HALIFAX | MAUREEN HYNES | DILYS LEMAN | SUE MACLEOD | SHEILA STEWART THE INCONVENIENTS APRIL 13TH knife | fork | book at Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market | Toronto Doors 6:30  Poetry 7-ish  

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wQr Poetry Reading Series @ KFB

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Always a little mystic, always a little horny: Wieners, slowly, Friday, 7:30 @knifeforkbook — David Bradford (@BartleButts) January 9, 2017 SLO-PO with DAVID BRADFORD THIS FRIDAY | JAN 13TH | 7:30PM  •  knife | fork | book

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“WHAT?!”* What if the work is just as closed as it looks? What if it just happens to be arranged in words? What if I feel dumb too? And it’s kinda fun? New KFB readers group, led by poet DAVID BRADFORD, tackles the ‘difficult stuff’ of poetry, slowly. “For all that work we’ve been unsure how to […]