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To this day.

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“Drips with humanity”

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This joy suffices

C. P. CAVAFY “Addition”, translated by Rae Dalven.  [via]



“My joys and my sorrowsand everything that I have down herewill pass quickly.” – C.P. Cavafy, “The Four Walls Of My Room”, translated by Rae Dalven. #poetry — C.P. Cavafy (@CCavafy) April 21, 2019

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“My soul found some ease; the poor thing, it’s / always constrained by the weight of the years.”

CAVAFY, It Must Have Been the Spirits (February 1919) Translated by DANIEL MENDELSOHN

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“On hearing of a powerful love tremble and be movedlike an aesthete.” – Manuscript of Cavafy’s poem “Hearing of Love”, 1910. Cavafy Archive. — C.P. Cavafy (@CCavafy) February 26, 2019 READING CAVAFY w/KIRBY TOMORROW NIGHT #KFBPOETRYLAB

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“Remember, Body… Body, remember”

Wednesday night, Cavafians, we return, "lost, to the same fatal pleasure," reading @EvanPJones @anstrutherpress "The Drawing, the Ship, the Afternoon" KIRBY @itsakirby READING CAVAFY: The Poet of Longing #cavafy — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) February 4, 2019

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“alone in my home, I am drunk again.”

BEGINS ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT KIRBY READING CAVAFY: THE POET OF LONGING #KFBPoetryLab #poetry #reading #group trans. Keeley/Sherrard — KIRBY (@itsakirby) January 9, 2019

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Their beginning

“Tomorrow, the day after, or through the years he’ll write powerful lines, that here was their beginning.” KFB POETRY LAB | BEGINS JAN 16 I’m often asked what bought me to poetry. It opened the door of my closet. O’Hara. Ginsberg. Genet. Lorde. Ashbery. Schuyler. Baldwin. Tenn. Giorno. Cole. Rich. Jordan. Clifton. Gunn. Hemphill. Cooper. […]