What if the work is just as closed as it looks? What if it just happens to be arranged in words? What if I feel dumb too? And it’s kinda fun?

New KFB readers group, led by poet DAVID BRADFORD, tackles the ‘difficult stuff’ of poetry, slowly.

“For all that work we’ve been unsure how to get inside of: we’re gonna read it slowly till something happens. Come loiter out loud in the stacks with us.”

SLO-PO will meet monthly, on a Friday evening, in a casual ‘living room’ setting at the front of the shop, pulling works from the shelves to read aloud.


David Bradford is a poet. His work has appeared in Lemon Hound and is forthcoming in Prairie Fire. Currently an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph, he lives in Toronto, but also Montreal.

NOTE: We’d like to treat it as a ‘drop-in,’ but space is limited. If  interested, give us a shout so we can plan accordingly. RE: SLO-PO
* It’s true. Slo-Po returns Friday September 22nd.

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