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First SLO-PO with DAVID BRADFORD (CALL OUT kfb, 2017) in our intimate, beautiful new reading room/salon space at The Dark Side Studio (created by artist/dancer AUDRA SIMMONS), reading CANISIA LUBRIN’s remarkable debut, VOODOO HYPOTHESIS (Wolsak & Wynn, 2017) with the poet among poets in house. A gift of an evening. KFB UPCOMING: OCT 20 NIGHTWOOD EDITIONS SHOWCASE  SPENCER GORDON | OWAIN NICHOLSON | DAVID […]

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Always a little mystic, always a little horny: Wieners, slowly, Friday, 7:30 @knifeforkbook — David Bradford (@BartleButts) January 9, 2017 SLO-PO with DAVID BRADFORD THIS FRIDAY | JAN 13TH | 7:30PM  •  knife | fork | book

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Slow Friday

THIS FRIDAY 7:30PM SLO-POw/ @BartleButts @peacehearty VIOLET ENERGY INGOTS@WavePoetry @RicksKensington — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) November 28, 2016

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“WHAT?!”* What if the work is just as closed as it looks? What if it just happens to be arranged in words? What if I feel dumb too? And it’s kinda fun? New KFB readers group, led by poet DAVID BRADFORD, tackles the ‘difficult stuff’ of poetry, slowly. “For all that work we’ve been unsure how to […]