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“Does anyone have a charger?”

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The music of thinking. The thinking of music. FRED WAH Music at the Heart of Thinking (Talonbooks) is a lifelong poem project that responds to readings in contemporary writing, art, and ideas from the past forty years. The text works through language as the true practice of thought, and improvisation as the tool that listens […]

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Today’s sampling menu

  But a sampling of what you’ll find at the shop today, including our FEATURED BOOK for JANUARY: ROXANNA BENNETT’s THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE, half-off with any other in-store purchase. See you at the shop.  OPEN TUES – SAT 1-5:30PM  knife | fork | book

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What a lovely way

O, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon. MICHAEL NARDONE’s THE RITUALITES (Book*hug) LAUNCH with TIZIANA LA MELIA and SHIV KOTECHA  knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY

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“bearers of the urgent form”

KFB THIS SATURDAY 3PM View this post on Instagram My book THE RITUALITES is out today from @bookhug_press ! . . “Nardone’s poetry unsettles territories as it roves through the continent, documenting the neon signs and the billboards, the dinner table conversations, and the overheard terrors of everyday Americana. The book orchestrates unlikely and compelling […]

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Big river

  RITA WONG & FRED WAH BEHOLDEN a poem as long as the river from Talonbooks

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“It’s Friday night.”

Grateful for voices in/against the dark last night @knifeforkbook, for their “social forces, like a woman using a staircase.” The energies of that space and those poets are food for the weekend… — brandy ryan (@bonthebrink) April 14, 2018 “I’m on my way to see Daphne Marlatt read at @knifeforkbook,” This opening line will remain […]

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k | f | b  THIS FRIDAY + SATURDAY “Intertidal is the breathtaking shoreline of forty years of poetic practice. Daphne Marlatt has, more than any other Canadian poet, sustained an osmosis with poetic language that is profound in its attention to the literal and the littoral. Her perception of the adjacency of words and syllables […]

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your inane orators and their rhetoric / that flows with the blood of others / beyond our frigid roads and rivers / your bedraggled buffoons who speak truth / Beings the colours of butterflies / slurping up the disturbing sweat / and elbow grease of my alchemy / extracting the quintessence of everything / Yes, […]