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“Good evening and welcome to KFB.” The KFB Warm-Up Welcome. Stephen Collis & Bardia Sinaee meeting for the first time earlier tonight at knife | fork | book.

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“I am shook.”

“This felt true to me. It felt timely. And I had no idea how to even begin.” “Your voice will never die. / That is to say I’ll hear it” Both of these new collections, by poets I already hold dear, have shook me to my core and will stay with me forever. – KIRBY, […]

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Join KFB SELECTS SUBSCRIPTION SERIES any time of the year for a full year. Twelve monthly titles of the latest and best in contemporary poetry selected by knife | fork | book. KFB SELECTS Subscription Series relaunches with our MARCH 2020 Selection: ALICE NOTLEY FOR THE RIDE (Penguin Poets, 2020) KFB SELECTS APRIL 2020: JOHN ELIZABETH STINTZI JUNEBAT (Anansi Poetry, […]

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The table is set

The debut. The follow-up. The master. The host. ANANSI POETRY SPRING 2020 SHOWCASE 20 MAY 3PM Eastern IG LIVE @knifeforkbook

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Like no other

  Iconic. Legendary. Like no other. LYNN CROSBIE gets the KFB treatment with an outpouring of love and respect from fellow poets who held a deep, appreciative space celebrating #LIAR10TH* Gratitude to all who participated for bringing it and making it so. *We lied. It’s the 13th anniversary, just thought the 10th sounded classier.

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The love of poets. The poetry of A. F. Moritz. A grand night. knife | fork | book The poets: Jessica Joy Hiemstra Shannon Bramer Ben Gallagher James Lindsay Noah Wareness Khashayar Mohammadi Kate Sutherland Jacob McArthur Mooney Conor McDonnell Fan Wu David Seymour A. Light Zachary Torben Robertson Doyali Islam Ben Meyerson Paul Vermeersch A. F. Moritz Kirby Recording: DAVID SEYMOUR reads On Distinction by A. F. MORITZ which opened the […]

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Big love

Jessica Joy Hiemstra Shannon Bramer Ben Gallagher James Lindsay Noah Wareness Khashayar Mohammadi Ally Fleming Kate Sutherland Jacob McArthur Mooney Conor McDonnell Fan Wu David Seymour A. Light Zachary Torben Robertson Doyali Islam Ben Meyerson A. F. Moritz Host: Kirby   “The Sparrow is more than a selected poems; it is also a single vast poem, […]

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a ‘lil sparrow told me. Mark the date. knife | fork | book

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What power outage? Poets, ROBIN RICHARDSON, JEFF LATOSIK, and EMMA HEALEY light an appreciative house last night.  knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY

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KFB FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY EMMA HEALEY STEREOBLIND (ANANSI) JEFF LATOSIK DREAMPAD (M&S) ROBIN RICHARDSON SIT HOW YOU WANT (VEHICULE) FRIDAY MAY 4TH Doors 6:30 Poetry 7-ish  Wear socks to be seen (we’re shoeless). knife | fork | book at The Dark Side Studio, 244 Augusta Avenue, Second Floor (walk-up above Bunner’s Bakery) EMMA HEALEY […]