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This winter, poet HOA NGUYEN returns to FRED WAH with a pair of writing workshops in support of knife | fork | book “Verse, prose, verse-prose: multi-referential yet playful. It is a book of poetics as poem as reality-expanding creative possibility. In a sequence written across books and forty years, MHT is a poetics of […]

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The music of thinking. The thinking of music. FRED WAH Music at the Heart of Thinking (Talonbooks) is a lifelong poem project that responds to readings in contemporary writing, art, and ideas from the past forty years. The text works through language as the true practice of thought, and improvisation as the tool that listens […]

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Big river

  RITA WONG & FRED WAH BEHOLDEN a poem as long as the river from Talonbooks

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Writing is sometimes useful that way, with news of the world out there. But out there is only meaningful in its correspondence to in here. Like his poetry, the simple pleasure of sitting with this man, this river, this mountain. FRED WAH at Hoa Nguyen’s Poetry Workshop  16 October 2016 Photos: KIRBY HOA NGUYEN’S VIOLET […]