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“Poetry is what we serve.”


Poetry is an event. Poetry read aloud is a vital, courageous, extraordinary act. It’s my refresh button. Sustenance. What keeps us here. Pockets of vibrant, responsive, living communities in support of one another. Challenging, raising the bar. Hearing what we haven’t, repeatedly the same, repeatedly new. To etch out identities and form. Find resonance and dischord. Celebrate differences. Exercise clean anger. Get messy. Weep with those who weep. Rejoice with those who rejoice.

k | f | b is the setting, the stage, where that occurs several times weekly. If poetry doesn’t move, what good is it?

And poets seek to read here, because, where there’s movement, it’s a happening.

KIRBY Field Trip: knife | fork | book in Toronto’s Kensington Market October 3, 2017, All Lit Up.

Photo: ROBERT FREDE KENTER, Beautiful Outlaw Press Launch 30 September 2017, k | f | b

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