canadian events poet poetry reading splendid

A whirlwind

black squirrel

good signage

“Kirby, would you come in January?”*

Okay, she fell in love with this place. A warm, welcoming evening at TREE READING SERIES (Ottawa) with PEARL PIRIE hosting a full house at BLACK SQUIRREL BOOKS & ESPRESSO BAR (a haven) with featured poets MARGO LAPIERRE  (Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes, Guernica Editions, 2017) & KIRBY (She’s Having a Doris Day, knife | fork | book, 2017) along with STUART ROSSCHRISTINE MCNAIR, CHRIS JOHNSON, MICHAEL DENNIS, NINA JANE, STEPHEN BROCKWELL, to name but a few, and a wonderful sit-down interview with AMANDA EARL for THE SMALL MACHINE TALKS (sadly minus a.m. kozak) over a pint and truffle fries at Patty’s Pub.
* “Pearl, anytime.”

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