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An idyllic setting. DAVID PETER CLARK and JONATHAN PAPPO in tandem fill the space to appreciative listeners, performing SPELL (Swimmer’s Group). Last night. knife | fork | book Find SPELL by DAVID PETER CLARK at knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY

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Such good company

CANADIAN LAUNCH | PREMIERE A staged reading of MADELEINE BRAUN and PARKER MENZIMER‘s collaborative work TrueBlock at the storefront of knife | fork | book last night. A limited edition of TrueBlock now on sale at k|f|b Photos: KIRBY  

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FROM NYC | IN PERFORMANCE At a table, Braun and Menzimer trade Sapphic fragments over coffee. Whether the words the other’s or their own, they are logged with the conviction of devoted functionaries. As the libretto loops and the snake spits its tail back out, the lines come to sit like punch lines and jingles. […]