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Fertile ground

Sagan Yee

Jake Byrne

Jaqueline Valencia

Eric Schmaltz

Kyle Flemmer

Aaron Tucker

Leslie Joy Ahenda


Klara du Plessis

Kadie Salmon

Lindsay Miles

Anna Verprinska

Khashayar Mohammadi

Nima Youshij

Isla McLaughlin

Claren Grosz

Sarah Cavar

Jessica Bebenek

Kevin Stebner

Melanie Dennis Unrau

Dona Mayoora

Rasiqra Revulva

Dani Spinosa

Kate Siklosi

Katie O’Brien

Jessica Lee McMillan

Brian Dedora


Angie V. Quick

Sacha Archer

Philip Hare

Billy Mavreas

Travis Sharp

Kate Sutherland

Michael Goodfellow

Christopher Patton

Luke Hathaway

Fertile Festival of New & Inventive Works

05-21 August 2022

The Great Escape Book Store 957 Kingston Rd [Back Lane Space]

Curated by The Blasted Tree, Gap Riot Press, KFB

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