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The love of poets. The poetry of A. F. Moritz. A grand night. knife | fork | book The poets: Jessica Joy Hiemstra Shannon Bramer Ben Gallagher James Lindsay Noah Wareness Khashayar Mohammadi Kate Sutherland Jacob McArthur Mooney Conor McDonnell Fan Wu David Seymour A. Light Zachary Torben Robertson Doyali Islam Ben Meyerson Paul Vermeersch A. F. Moritz Kirby Recording: DAVID SEYMOUR reads On Distinction by A. F. MORITZ which opened the […]

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Big love

Jessica Joy Hiemstra Shannon Bramer Ben Gallagher James Lindsay Noah Wareness Khashayar Mohammadi Ally Fleming Kate Sutherland Jacob McArthur Mooney Conor McDonnell Fan Wu David Seymour A. Light Zachary Torben Robertson Doyali Islam Ben Meyerson A. F. Moritz Host: Kirby   “The Sparrow is more than a selected poems; it is also a single vast poem, […]

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a ‘lil sparrow told me. Mark the date. knife | fork | book

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From their house to our house

  First off, any red brick building that has PICKLES, CATSUPS, SAUCES, on it’s front already owns me. Two. Great. Signage. 3. Neil Wadhwa marketing/merchadising skills on display bar none. Cindy Ma. (bump her to “First”) 5. A.F. Emma. Mikko. Those broadsides. Six (o’clock). How I always picture Neil. (Yes, she has giddy crushes on […]