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Good earth

LAST NIGHT. EARTHY ANECDOTES welcomed spring and kicked off KFB’s #KISSMYPOETRY NATIONAL POETRY MONTH on a grand scale with readings by CATHERINE GRAHAM KIRBY KATHRYN MOCKLER AYESHA CHATTERJEE and GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE Thanks to  the poets, League of Canadian Poets, Toronto Arts Council, and all who came.

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The love of poets. The poetry of A. F. Moritz. A grand night. knife | fork | book The poets: Jessica Joy Hiemstra Shannon Bramer Ben Gallagher James Lindsay Noah Wareness Khashayar Mohammadi Kate Sutherland Jacob McArthur Mooney Conor McDonnell Fan Wu David Seymour A. Light Zachary Torben Robertson Doyali Islam Ben Meyerson Paul Vermeersch A. F. Moritz Kirby Recording: DAVID SEYMOUR reads On Distinction by A. F. MORITZ which opened the […]

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Grand. Open.

  Sontag. Ed White. Saint Genet. KFB. Now available in Parkdale. Congrats to Permanent Sleep Press drivers MATT FINNER & KORRIE (killing the merch table), CHRIS COLOHAN’s heart-wrenching road trip story, the DON PYLE’s playlist, the kind [visionary] proprietors of CAPITAL ESPRESSO, KIRBY and the o so pretty booklovers in attendence. Loverly. PERMANENT SLEEP PRESS […]