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Moving on up

It’s official, we’re moving. After a glorious, unforgettable first year of revelry at Rick’s Cafe in Kensington, the cafe itself has been sold, and Toronto’s Poetry-Only bookshop is now seeking a new home. Hundreds of you, both in person and abroad, have shared your unabashed love for KFB. This is our first ‘ask.’ We need […]

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What keeps me here

Feeling the love of the earth,he returned home to himself. — Henri Cole (@ColeHenri) July 31, 2017 Pretty much every day, this man touches my heart. Thanks, Henri.   knife | fork | book

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First pull

This would be my first pull: REBECCA WOLFF Warden (UDP $16) MATTHEW HENDERSON The Lease (Coach House $18) SARA PETERS 1996 (Anansi, Limited Numbered Hardcover $35) MARK STRAND New Selected Poems (used $12) JAMES SCHUYLER Collected Poems ($35) CARL PHILLIPS Silvercrest (Used Hardcover $20) THE VOLTA BOOK OF POETS ($30) TONYA M. FOSTER A Swarm […]

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All heart

  Montreal, near and dear, thank you for a glorious afternoon launch. Special thanks to BILLY MAVREAS at MONASTIRAKI for playing such a gracious host (lovelovelove you/your shop) and ELISABETH BELLIVEAU for making it so (that cake!) Also, my love to Montreal poets DAVID BRADFORD & JONATHAN GARFINKEL (she’s blessed indeed)—and to all those familiar […]

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  Our first six months. ‘Biggest surprise?’ Becoming the go-to destination for poets and poetry. Thank you.  knife | fork | book

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While Donald and Melania danced

“There’s something happening here…”  knife | fork | book   Photos: KIRBY

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“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…”

Thanks Dani.  knife | fork | book DANI COUTURE JANUARY 12th at kfb