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It’s exactly one year ago that KFB’s first little chapbook launched, KIRBY’s SHE’S HAVING A DORIS DAY, cleverly disguised as a pink bon bon with legs that kick. Four printings later, nearly 400 copies sold, fellow KFB poet JONATHAN GARFINKEL BOCIANY (STORKS) and myself invite you to celebrate with us this TUESDAY MAY 1ST reading at SPOONBILL BOOKS in Brooklyn. She’ll be having one, reading from Doris and mostly new material from my forthcoming full-length, THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF. Starts at 7PM. See you there.





omg, her cocktail has finally arrived!”

Frivolity was in full force last night at Le Gala de l’Académie de la vie littéraire (La Sala Rossa, Montreal) with fantastical hosts Mathieu Arsenault and Catherine Cormier-Larose (congrats!), music by La Fièvre, spectacular trophies by Jonathan Lafleur, an impressive slate of Montreal-scene poets, including Jacob Wren, Elkahna Talbi, Jessica Bebenek, Kama La Mackerel, Marcella Huerta, Mirion Malle, Carl Bessette, with KFB publisher Kirby (see @notyrmuse ‘story’ on instagram), standing in for Jonathan Garfinkel, reading ‘Pansies’ from Bociany (Storks) one of the honourees. Smashing.
(O, and Lauren Turner has “A GODDAMN CHAPBOOK!” (Now available in Montreal at Librarie Drawn & Quarterly).
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“It just makes me happy!”

September read 3/16, and 87/103 in my #readin2017 queue: Jonathan Garfinkel – Bociany (Storks). Purchased during the @knifeforkbook customer appreciation sale! Close-up of #poetry shelf 2 (Bi to La). Also of note: this is the fifth consecutive read/review featuring writers with a first name beginning with "J!" Not at all intentional, but pretty neat, right? This is the second @knifeforkbook chapbook I've read so far (and the fact that there are delicious fall releases I have yet to pick up is ITCHING my BRAIN, but that's beside the point), and I have to say, I really enjoy the way "Bociany (Storks)" presents a complementary aesthetic to @itsakirby's "She's Having A Doris Day." It just makes me happy! Shoutout to @itsakirby for the cover, and Norman Nemetallah for the book design, which is lovely overall. And now a few notes on the text! These poems were startling and engrossing; rich with scene and image and story and violence. The titular poem had me seeking out the referenced artist and artwork – a rewarding exercise itself! – and left me quietly amazed by its shifting execution. Possibly my favourite in the book? But I've marked too many to be able to say for sure. #books #rasiqrasreviews #jonathangarfinkel #bocianystorks #toronto #knifeforkbook #booklove #personallibrary #shelfie #augustreads #literarylatergram #inspiration #amwriting #research #fuckyeah #luvyourlife #shelflife #readallthebooks #customerappreciationsale #canadianpoetry #shoplocal #chapbook #rasiqrarecommends #bookdesign #jeffkirby #normannehmetallah #jozefchelmonski

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Us, too! Thanks, Rasiqra. *kisses*  knife | fork | book

JONATHAN GARFINKEL BOCIANY (STORKS) First Printing SOLD OUT. Available soon as an e-book at k | f | b  shop. JEFF KIRBY SHE’S HAVING A DORIS DAY has legs. Find her, along with our latest chapbooks, online and at the shop.

Featured Literary Event: Knife|Fork|Book at Monastiraki

Vallum: Contemporary Poetry

Knife|Fork|Book at Monastiraki

Reviewed by Kian Vaziri-Tehrani

On Saturday June 25th, Monastiraki held the Knife|Fork|Book poetry chapbook launch of Jeff Kirby‘s She’s Having a Very Doris Day and Jonathan Garfinkel‘s Bociany (Storks) which featured readings by the two author along with poet David Bradford.

Walking into Monastiraki (for the first time I might add) I was struck by its quaintness and the subtle elegance of what it had on display, with a vintage Conan the Barbarian comic and a How do You Say it in Chinese? guidebook particularly catching my attention. It wasn’t long before a few familiar faces popped up, like fiction writer Guillaume Morrissette and poet Klara du Plessis. But of course, the afternoon belonged to Kirby, Garfinkel, and Bradford, who were making the rounds through the shop, mingling and chatting before their readings.

David Bradford

Kirby first introduced David Bradford, who read a…

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Montreal, near and dear, thank you for a glorious afternoon launch. Special thanks to BILLY MAVREAS at MONASTIRAKI for playing such a gracious host (lovelovelove you/your shop) and ELISABETH BELLIVEAU for making it so (that cake!) Also, my love to Montreal poets DAVID BRADFORD & JONATHAN GARFINKEL (she’s blessed indeed)—and to all those familiar and new to greet us—sweet *kisses.*  knife | fork |book

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