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Okay, she’s a bit biased, and these are quickly becoming her favourite nights at KFB (certainly, the most welcoming, radiant, colourful, playful, sexy, and unabashedly QUEER)! CASON SHARPE  YIWEI HU CODY CAETANO w/ her “wolverinology awesomeness” FAN WU worshipful master (and wQr Poetry Editor) who announced PRATHNA LOR and CODY CAETANO as the first two […]

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Gloriously Out of Line

KFB FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY What if we practised creative community not in some unseeable future with imaginary circumstances, but right here, gloriously out of line? TANIS MACDONALD Out of Line: Daring to Be an Artist Outside the Big City (Wolsak & Wynn) w/ Special Guest JACOB MCARTHUR MOONEY FRIDAY AUGUST 17TH knife | fork | book […]

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The glorious thing

C.D. Wright — Devin Gael Kelly (@themoneyiowe) March 15, 2018

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Friday Night Poetry

  Night is relevant still / Answer my call A glorious outing celebrating poet JACLYN PIUDIK’s full-length debut, TO SUTURE WHAT FRAYS (Kelsay Books, 2017) w/ special guest poet MARK GOLDSTEIN, last night. Resplendent. This is how we launch. knife | fork | book

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Congrats to CLAIRE MARIE STANCEK and the successful launch of her debut MOUTHS (Noemi Press) last night. knife | fork | book Thanks Norman.