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Cheers queers!

“…bodies bathed in swirling symbols, colours, light, portals, chakras, vibratory anatomical gardens, circulatory systems, radiance.” This night. Glory be. Thanks to all from San Bernardino to Halifax. KFB ANNUAL HOLIDAY QUEER w/ JOSHUA ESCOBAR JAKE BYRNE ANNICK MACASKILL NOLAN NATASHA JENNA LYN ALBERT JOHN ELIZABETH STINTZI NEIL SURKAN HASAN NAMIR TRAVIS SHARPE SARAH SGRO ERÍN […]

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Okay, she’s a bit biased, and these are quickly becoming her favourite nights at KFB (certainly, the most welcoming, radiant, colourful, playful, sexy, and unabashedly QUEER)! CASON SHARPE  YIWEI HU CODY CAETANO w/ her “wolverinology awesomeness” FAN WU worshipful master (and wQr Poetry Editor) who announced PRATHNA LOR and CODY CAETANO as the first two […]

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Gloriously Out of Line

KFB FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY What if we practised creative community not in some unseeable future with imaginary circumstances, but right here, gloriously out of line? TANIS MACDONALD Out of Line: Daring to Be an Artist Outside the Big City (Wolsak & Wynn) w/ Special Guest JACOB MCARTHUR MOONEY FRIDAY AUGUST 17TH knife | fork | book […]

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The glorious thing

C.D. Wright — Devin Gael Kelly (@themoneyiowe) March 15, 2018

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Friday Night Poetry

  Night is relevant still / Answer my call A glorious outing celebrating poet JACLYN PIUDIK’s full-length debut, TO SUTURE WHAT FRAYS (Kelsay Books, 2017) w/ special guest poet MARK GOLDSTEIN, last night. Resplendent. This is how we launch. knife | fork | book

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Congrats to CLAIRE MARIE STANCEK and the successful launch of her debut MOUTHS (Noemi Press) last night. knife | fork | book Thanks Norman.