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“Let there be light

and light appeared.” There are few people I laugh from my belly with more than Jessica Hiemstra. I’ve always said, “when my belly is here, I’m here.” For way too many of us, ‘here’ is neither easy nor welcoming. It is in fact desperate, a step away from joblessness, homelessness, lost/loss, indebtedness, illness/disease, discomfort, unwantedness, […]

art events launch new news poet poetry splendid very

Approaching Skies

KFB Poetry Lab & DesignTO presents JESSICA HIEMSTRA THE SKY IS FALLING 17-26 JANUARY k | f | b MEZZANINE Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street


Our hero

KFB book designer (and all-around sweetheart) NORMAN NEHMETALLAH is successfully rebounding, up, and on the mend. Thanks for asking. knife | fork | book