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How Beautiful People Are

At the party I’d like to be a person of interest / but will end up a person of colour – AYAZ PIRANI, “POC RSVP” Poets, readers, and listeners who graced our space yesterday at the Gordon Hill Press Showcase KFB EAST at The Great Escape Book Store, were rewarded/met in kind. The beauty of […]

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We’re chuffed.

You’re gonna flip. A Globe & Mail Top 100 [SAM CHEUK]. Our first double chapbook, FLIP with two titles by VICTORIA MBABAZI. NEW JIM JOHNSTONE. LISA ROBERTSON. & AYAZ PIRANI. We’re chuffed. NEW KFB SELECTS SUBSCRIBERS receive a KFB BONUS GIFT BUNDLE [limited offer while supplies last] SUBSCRIBE TODAY

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and we’re back. Darlin’s, in the grand tradition of Stein, Matisse, and Capote, we’ve officially entered our “Salon Phase.” We couldn’t be more chuffed. And to debut with these stunning new ANSTRUTHER PRESS chapbooks, this line-up of poets, made it all the more. Thanks to all who joined SAMUEL STRATHMAN, SÍLE ENGLERT, AYAZ PIRANI, SHANE […]

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“Drips with humanity”

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“A salty gratitude for being on Earth”

KFB | SATURDAY 3PM Aglow with postcolonial loss, wryly defiant of what they reveal, Pirani’s poems describe a warm estrangement and salty gratitude for being on Earth. AYAZ PIRANI KABIR’S JACKET HAS A THOUSAND POCKETS (Mawenzi House) SATURDAY JULY 27TH 3PM knife | fork | bookat The Dark Side Studio | 244 Augusta Avenue | […]