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How Beautiful People Are

At the party I’d like to be a person of interest / but will end up a person of colour


Poets, readers, and listeners who graced our space yesterday at the Gordon Hill Press Showcase KFB EAST at The Great Escape Book Store, were rewarded/met in kind. The beauty of the day, the density of the readings, the vibration of the human voice resonating the wood of this valued one-of-a-kind space. Thanks to Katya [Great Escape] Publishers, Luke and Shane [Gordon Hill] poets Kess, Carl, Kevin, Mike & Ayaz, and you for making it so.

Pictured above: “Historical Disadvantage” from AYAZ PIRANI How Beautiful People Are [Gordon Hill Press] Available Now as part of KFB SELECTS Subscription Series, The latest and best in contemporary poetry selected by KFB. Delivered to your home. SUBSCRIBE TODAY

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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