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ALVIN WONG + STANFORD CHEUNG launch their beauteous Crevasse Books (Japan) zine, WE COULD BE ANYTHING   

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KFB | FRIDAY MAY 3RD 7PM     “In Q&A Adrienne Gruber annotates the condition of the pre- and post-partum body, training her ruthless poetic eye on division: cell by cell, mother from daughter, fact from misguided historical tendency. Is this a love poem / or a poem of grief? / When we make something / we lose, she […]

chapbooks events InStoreSaturdays launch new news poet poetry reading splendid spring very


KFB | SATURDAY 3PM       disaster and sweet relief; where worlds crack faster than the exhausted could mourn them; where hope, not yet insensate, still answers to beauty.”– FAN WU @fandangowu STANFORD CHEUNGALVIN WONG"WE COULD BE ANYTHING"(CREVASSE) #LAUNCH SAT MAY 4TH 3PM — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) April 30, 2019 Part of KFB’S TRIPLE […]

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Power lines

Every once in a while, an event occurs that brings home simply, fully, exactly what it is you have set out to do, seeing it fully realized in an evening, unexpected, unforgettable. The launch of STANFORD CHEUNG‘s full-length debut, STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL (Akinoga Press, Baltimore) with JC BOUCHARD (Let This Be the End of […]

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STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL, the debut full-length poetry collection of Stanford Cheung, is an imperative to recall and forge an internal landscape bound by kites, transmission towers, and the shifting sky — where seemingly unrelated subjects become the very acts of narrative and perception. KFB FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY STANFORD CHEUNG STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL (Akinoga […]

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‘I want to believe’

CONGRATS to William and Nicole, words (on) pages, Spring 2017 Chapbook Launch with new work by STANFORD CHEUNG Kite Extension, LINDSAY CAHILL BORG EMOJI: robot sleep studies, and rob mclennan Cervante’s bones (with special thanks to AARON TUCKER, standing in for rob.) Photos: KIRBY

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“Anew and over again.”

“I prefer to not memorize my texts. Instead, I like my poems to be improvisatory like how I often cut every line and stanza of my poems and rearrange them in a different order. It still remains a wonderful poem to me.” STANFORD CHEUNG’s reading copy of Any Seam or Needlework (The Operating System, 2016) […]

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“A poet is plunderphonics.”

A poet is plunderphonics. Living in the surreal but grasping the environment by the neck to what exists. Then it’s translated to words and redefined universally. A poet is not just a stagnant identity itself, nor is it a made identity. Anyone can be a poet as long as one holds firm to expressing themselves. […]