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Read aloud

Morning light. June dawns. Moonbeam. Bumblebee. Wren. Tulip. After reading @MoezSurani OPERATIONS, I simply knew I wanted to have it read aloud, in its entirety, JAN 20TH at knife fork book.” – KIRBY more info >

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A circle of intimates

“Come one come all to the Egyptian Hall.” “Here, boys. Come, brothers.”    A circle of initmates at Thursday Night Poets last evening, celebrating the launch of CHAD CAMPBELL Euphonia and DANI COUTURE Black Sea Nettle from JIM JOHNSTONE Anstruther Press. UPCOMING: TONIGHT SLO-PO with DAVID BRADFORD. THURS JAN 19TH CLAIRE CALDWELL LAURA K McRAE MICHAEL PRIOR. FRIDAY […]

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2017 January 20

“Sixty-one years of military operation names read by sixty-one writers, artists, activists, students and veterans around the world. The night will be a communal protest against imperialism, occupation and bellicose nationalism.” MOEZ SURANI “After reading (and re-reading) MOEZ SURANI’s Operations, I simply knew I wanted to have it read aloud, in its entirety, January 20th at […]

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What keeps me here

  Anansi. Anthuser. Apt.9. Arsenal Pulp. Baseline. BookThug. Brick. Canadian Magazines. Coach House. Coffee House. Copper Canyon. Desert Pets Press. Dumagrad. Fellow independent booksellers. Frog Hollow. Gaspereau. Gesture. Goose Lane. Guernica Editions. Invisible. Krupskaya. Mansfield. Metatron. The Operating System. Palimpsest. Pedlar. Porcupine’s Quill. Puddles of Sky. Self-publishers. Signature Editions. The Song Cave. Sunny Outside. Thee […]

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The poets

@knifeforkbook @bookthug @LawandLit @RicksKensington @itsakirby – I’ll certainly be back soon. Thank you so much for giving poetry a home. — Jimmy McInnes (@JimmyMcInnes) November 18, 2016 Yes, there’s plenty of things to say goodbye to 2016. But, we have dozens, (if not hundreds), of reasons to be thankful. The real story? Since we’ve opened in […]

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Just up the street

  A robust 14th Annual Meeting of The Dead Poets Society @ Supermarket last night, presented by The Art Bar,  The Rowers Pub Reading Series, and Tightrope Books. Hosted by David Clink with Heather Wood. Wonderful to see the rich herstory of Kensington Market continue to thrive as a literary/poetry hub. Pictured: Heather Wood. Ilyana […]

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Simply the best

We’re salivating. See you there.  knife | fork | book And drop by our place after, we’re open until 9PM tonight @Rick’s Cafe 281 Augusta Avenue Kensington Market.

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Where poets & readers meet

  “There will be days and days like these.”  knife | fork | book Photos: KIRBY

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KFB Poetry Posse These three rule. Photos: KIRBY

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But a glimpse of our first month. What it is to be welcomed. Thanks everybody. Thrilled to be here. knife | fork | book @ Rick’s Cafe 281 Augusta Avenue Kensington Market Toronto