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Just up the street


A robust 14th Annual Meeting of The Dead Poets Society @ Supermarket last night, presented by The Art Bar,  The Rowers Pub Reading Series, and Tightrope Books. Hosted by David Clink with Heather Wood.

Wonderful to see the rich herstory of Kensington Market continue to thrive as a literary/poetry hub.

Pictured: Heather Wood. Ilyana Kuling reads Kildare Dobbs. Host David Clink. Robin Richardson reads Slyvia Plath. Amber Homeniuk reads Elizabeth Brewster. Michael Fraser reads Adelia Prado. Jeff Latosik reads Philip Levine. Cara-Lyn Morgan reads Langston Hughes. Aaron Kreuter reads Mahmoud Darwish. Catriona Wright reads C. D. Wright. Kilby Smith-McGregor. Not pictured: Maureen Hynes. Amanda Jernigan. Maureen Scott Harris.
Photos: KIRBY

DEC 15TH @ KFB: FINAL THURSDAY NIGHT POETS of the season, JIM NASON. Doors 6:30PM Poetry 7-ish. Come. Celebrate.


By Kirby

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