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“Our aim is to serve the book, with an eye towards the beauty of the book in hand.” – KIRBY, Publisher, knife | fork | book

The first Bradford. The first Stintzi. The first Turner. The first Cody. Early Khashayar & Prathna. The full-length debuts of Cavuto & Sharp. The pairings of Truscott & Lindsay, Sutherland & Kolewe, Kirby & Garfinkel, NYB 1&2, Smith’s Sons [book & broadside]. The collaborations of Manders & Ryan, Barwin & Mockler, Robinson & The Blasted Tree. The “Orange Collection.” Stunning pamphlets. Hoa’s ‘gold.’ Lovegrove’s sonnets. Bennett’s ‘Blue Rose.’

The soon-to-come pretty-in-pink Victoria Mbabazi FLIP. The upcoming 2022/23 Brian Dedora, Paola Ferrante, Maureen Scott-Harris, Dale Martin Smith, Lannii Layke, Billy Mavreas, Dean Garlick, Sacha Archer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Klara du Plessis & Kadie Salmon, Travis Sharp, Jonathan Garfinkel, Michael Flatt, Gary Barwin & Elee Kraljii Gardiner +++

All the above poets met at/since knife | fork | book opened in 2016.

And, for the very first time, we’re opening submissions for 2024:


Requirements: Having read at least a handful of the KFB titles above.

Submit [NO MORE THAN] three poems you want to see published by KFB [and, “why KFB?”]. Along with brief bio and contact info.

Give me something memorable, something that brings me full stop, something I want to return to, something that delights.

Good work delights.

Only poets selected will be contacted. No one needs a rejection letter. You will however receive notice of receipt.

The window for submissions is from now until midnight 12 July 2022.

Notices stating publisher interest will be sent by 31 October 2022.

SUBMIT: knifeforkbook [at] gmail [dot] com

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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