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Spelling it out

“It’s hard to ‘future’ these days.”

And, here we are. KFB. At two new locations. Serving up poetry. No, it’s not the same as it was, nothing is. In some ways, we’re even more magical. And we’re here. LOOK

I’ve always said, as a social enterprise, “we don’t need to make a lot of money, but we can’t lose money.”

Well, these past two years, like many, we lost money. I’m not going to say how much, but enough to make me mention it, and more than I can get out from under, bear alone.

I’ve seen others do the Indiegogo and the gofundme, and we do Patreon (not well, but with gratitude, thank you), and I don’t disparage anyone for the ask.

So, what does KFB do instead?

In typical KFB-fashion-style, we invite guest curators KYLE FLEMMER/THE BLASTED TREE (Calgary) and GAP RIOT PRESS wonders KATE SIKLOSI & DANI SPINOSA and launch a FULL-ON MONTH-LONG POETRY FESTIVAL!

Because we’re KFB.

Not just ANY festival, but the FERTILE FESTIVAL OF NEW & INVENTIVE WORKS. Not sponsored by Amazon or Audible or the “Industry,” but the good stuff we are known for delivering and doing it well. FERTILE started (and continues) as a KFB subscription service featuring an array of visual and fresh ideas in poetry and it’s been our dream to launch it as an ongoing festival. And, here it is:

Mostly, we wanted to embark on an adventure. Join us.


Support us by purchasing a FERTILE FESTIVAL PASS regardless if you have any intentions of making the festival or not. Choose your price point. They start at $10. Buy as many festival passes as you would like, gift to others, buy a Festival bundle or two. Contact me if you’d like to be a sponsor [in part or in whole] of a festival event.

KFB continues to forge its presence as the place for poetry across Canada and beyond.

We could’ve just asked for money, instead, we’re launching a festival.

We don’t need much and we do so much with so little.

Thank you.


By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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