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Turn us on

We are now accepting proposals for poetry workshops, classes, reading/writing groups, publisher showcases, launches, special projects at our new KFB POETRY LAB both on site during shop hours and possible off site events. This can be anything from a single two-hour time slot on a weekday or Saturday afternoon, to something monthly, bi-monthly or even […]

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Essential CA

It is essential, right now, at this very moment, to embrace your creativity, if you used to paint, if you used to write poems then write again or paint again, just do it, do it now, right now! When we are creative we are able to make better decisions, we are able to see more […]

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Our new menu

DE-LISH! Thursday Night Poets. Book Launches. Showcases. Workshops. More “Daily Specials” to be announced. #wherepoetsmeet knife | fork | book and this just in… MAR 20TH  LISA ROBERTSON  DOWNLOAD   

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“Buckle-up darlings…”

…there may be some turbulence ahead. And remember, place your own oxygen mask on first before attending to others.” 01/12 DANI COUTURE + CHAD CAMPBELL 01/13 SLO-PO with DAVID BRADFORD 01/19 CLAIRE CALDWELL  +  LAURA K McRAE + MICHAEL PRIOR 01/20 MOEZ SURANI ةيلمع Operación Opération Operation 行 动 Oперация 01/26 CONCETTA PRINCIPE + RONNA BLOOM 02/02 AARON KREUTER  +  JIM NASON 02/03 wQr Reading Series with JEFF KIRBY 02/16 KATE SCHAPIRA +  AARON […]