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Turn us on

We are now accepting proposals for poetry workshops, classes, reading/writing groups, publisher showcases, launches, special projects at our new KFB POETRY LAB both on site during shop hours and possible off site events.

This can be anything from a single two-hour time slot on a weekday or Saturday afternoon, to something monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly depending on the scope of your project, availability and approval.

We are especially interested in the ongoing growth/promotion of poetry readers and writers. Turn us on.

Proposals should include a clear [1 page] statement of: Course/Project. Ideal number of participants. How participants will engage. Half/Full day (2 hours or 4) Saturday or weekday (Tues- Sat 1-5:30PM) or off-site possibilities. Desired fees.

SUBMIT TO knifeforkbook [at] gmail [dot] com  SUBJECT: Turn us on

If you’re a publisher who would like to launch or showcase your [poetry] titles/catalogue, there’s a number of ways we can do this. Please contact Kirby at knifeforkbook [at] gmail [dot] com.

PLEASE NOTE: KFB / The Dark Side Studio is in no way a ‘rental hall’ and this should not be construed as such. Any/all KFB POETRY LAB proposals are subject to approval by knife | fork | book.

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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