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Poetry. Well-served.

A lovely finish to our season. DOMINIQUE BERNIER-CORMIER  CAROL BARBOUR  SONIA DI PLACIDO Poetry, well-served.  knife | fork | book

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KFB FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY  Divided from, tucked into. / A part of the whole, / yet severed from the body // that gave her life. / The headless woman floats / in a Cartesian equation. — CAROL BARBOUR “Headless Woman” from Infrangible Di Placido’s plumb line reaches for impossible depths, a sign of extraordinary […]

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your inane orators and their rhetoric / that flows with the blood of others / beyond our frigid roads and rivers / your bedraggled buffoons who speak truth / Beings the colours of butterflies / slurping up the disturbing sweat / and elbow grease of my alchemy / extracting the quintessence of everything / Yes, […]

KFBFridays launch new poet poetry reading splendid


Light of my life, remember / that warm February morning / that charming carcass / on the cracked ice k | f | b FRIDAYS | THIS FRIDAY GARRY THOMAS MORSE SAFETY SAND (Talonbooks) TORONTO LAUNCH with special guest poet SONIA DI PLACIDO FRIDAY JANUARY 26TH knife | fork | book at The Dark Side Studio, […]