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“Inspiring generosity”

Inspiring generosity 🌺 I support KFB through @Patreon like Jessica does. I’d love to mail a copy of Climbing Shadows to the next new supporter of the one and only @knifeforkbook — Shannon Bramer (@brokencloudco) June 1, 2019 This is how we do it. What keeps us here. The generous support of those who […]


The year

How long have you been open?” “Just over a year,” I reply. I know. It’s a little crazy. Can it really be [15 months, to be exact]? And… what a year. Simply astonishing, all that can happen, culminate, in a year. A first year. And, here we are. You only have to search these pages/posts […]

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What keeps us here

Help!! This is the best thing that’s happened to Toronto!! — Jake Byrne (@jakebyrnewrites) September 6, 2017 @itsakirby and @knifeforkbook changed the way I think of community, and changed my life. Click thru if you can. — David Bradford (@BartleBeeps) September 6, 2017 please read and consider supporting this little heaven for poetry […]

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Today’s the day

Happy Birthday, great poet. Generous teacher. Beloved friend. Radiant beauty. Queen of hearts. Pictured: HOA NGUYEN 

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how unendurable THIS WORLD WOULD BE without Poetry — CAConrad (@CAConrad88) December 18, 2016 Each and every day. Such good fortune to be in the company of poets. — knifeforkbook (@knifeforkbook) December 18, 2016 There are brilliant moments that happen unexpectedly, but when they do, we are reminded how blessed we are to simply […]