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And flowers for @knifeforkbook. What a special evening that was last night with @sadmuffin. I had something written down that I was going to say last night at @knifeforkbook and didn’t. So I’ll say it here, even though it usually feels inadequate to say something to the internet. Just because the internet is actually a lousy conversationalist. But. Here: last night me and @sadmuffin read Anne Michaels' poem, To Write, and we gave everyone at the event a flower. It was because I wanted to remind everyone of love. I wanted everyone to feel it. I wanted everyone in the room to remember that love can be unexpected and easily offered. I think love is the most radical, revolutionary act. And that nothing is more serious and important than acts of love. Making art is an act of love for me, and hope. I think we are all a bit dismayed these days. Everyone is shouting so much. And I’m thinking lots about the urgency of love. I dont know if I should duck or stick my head out with all the mudslinging! Anyways. Be revolutionary. Be love. And go to @knifeforkbook and buy books. Kirby is an institution of love and poetry, she's the radical we need.

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