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KFB is a place.

It was exactly one year ago today our glorious physical shop/cafe at Artscape Youngplace was shutdown by COVID 19. Then, months into it, it became apparent we wouldn’t be returning there. We haven’t spoken much to the pain of this loss during the pandemic. It simply didn’t lend itself to the more immediate focus of […]

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The joy that is

Saturdays. Poets KLARA DU PLESSIS (EKKE Palimpsest Press) + JIM JOHNSTONE (ed. THE NEXT WAVE: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry Anstruther Press) spend some time pouring over the goods.  knife | fork | book 

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Tuesdays, or ‘Poets Day’

Days like these. Tuesdays.  knife | fork | book Pictured: Poets, Ben-Adar  Jaclyn Piudik  Walter Barclay  Bänoo Zan  Andrew Winchur  Andrew Whiteman Photos: Kirby