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KFB is a place.

It was exactly one year ago today our glorious physical shop/cafe at Artscape Youngplace was shutdown by COVID 19.

Then, months into it, it became apparent we wouldn’t be returning there.

We haven’t spoken much to the pain of this loss during the pandemic. It simply didn’t lend itself to the more immediate focus of continuance. Keeping the hearth lit. It all going.

And continue, we have.

Your ongoing support—through our Patreon, KFB SAL/ONline, KFB SELECTS Subscription Series, our online shop/dispensary—through it all. Poets, lovers of the book, you are what keeps us here.

And, I know you know we are thankful.

Now, with a potential ‘end of the tunnel’ in view, KFB is beginning to consider looking for a new home.

“we know one of the most essential components of KFB is that it exists as a place. Not just virtual … but an actual, physical space.”

We’re in no great hurry. And know that we know one of the most essential components of KFB is that it exists as a place. Not just virtual, which of course will remain of practical, inventive use, but an actual, physical space. For poets and poetry. Where poets can feel/refer to as a place of our own.

Here’s my simple ask. Your patience and assistance in this process. Like you, we’re still looking/considering what ‘re-entry’ even looks like. And, after going through what we all have, these next steps are speculative feelers, not to be rushed.

From our small inspired beginnings—our cherished oak bookcart on Augusta, to Rick’s, the Dark Side Studio, and AYP— we have had the grand good fortune of spaces opening up to us, and in each, working something magical, making something very pretty capped in splendour.

We will again.

If you have any leads, own/know of a suitable/accessible space [shared or otherwise] that would welcome, carry us to the next/new stage, please let us know.

There, the seed has been planted.

Meanwhile, here is where you will find us. Still.

By Kirby

Poet. Book Fairy. Publisher knife | fork | book

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