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Fan’s 2018 Picks

    TOBY MARTINEZ DE RIVAS TERROR Rivas is a total scholar of the apocalypse whose erudition’s mode is its own self-immolation. There’s a clenching drama between the precision of the language and the malady of death that pressurizes it into that precision. LYNN CROSBIE THE CORPSES OF THE FUTURE She turns the banality of sickness and […]

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KFB Bestsellers

Week of 26 August 2017 AISHA SASHA JOHN  I Have to Live  McClelland & Stewart KATHRYN MOCKLER + DAVID POOLMAN Some Theories ST Press SVETLANA LILOVA Metaphysical Dictionary Dumagrad MARCUS MCCANN Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe Invisible LINDA BESNER Feel Happier in Nine Seconds Coach House PHOEBE WANG Admission Requirements McClelland & Stewart TARA-MICHELLE […]

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Hello from B.C.

POET’S PICKS | LEANNE DUNIC West coast poet, LEANNE DUNIC, checks out our current BookThug display, including her beauteous debut collection, To Love the Coming End. She also found/recommends fellow BT poets, Marianne Apostolides Deep Salt Water, Adrienne Gruber Buoyancy Control, and Fred Wah Scree (Talonbooks). Photos: KIRBY

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Kirby’s picks [week of Dec 5th]

Kirby’s current top shelf picks   knife | fork | book (from L to R):Various Artists  Language Lessons Vol 1  (Third Man Records/Books) | Stéphane Mallarmé  A Roll of the Dice Translated by Jeff Clark and Robert Bononno (Wave Books) | Yoko’s Dogs Rhinoceros (Gaspereau Press) | Ariana Reines Mercury (Fence Books) | Charles Reznikoff Testimony (Black Sparrow […]